Keynote Speakers

Prof.Dr.Ahmad Alkan

Selcuk University,Turkey









Prof.Dr.Mohsen Vafamehr

Iran University of Science and Technology


Ahadollah Azami

Department of Architecture,EMU

About the Conference

A comprehensive approach to urban development policies, plans and plans, as well as the formulation of integrated economic, social and environmental goals is at the head of policy and urban management. The realization of these goals requires the assessment of the results and implications of urban systems for economic, social, cultural and environmental changes and requires major changes in the organization and planning of urban planning. The balance between large and small urban centers, cooperation between the public, public and private sectors, as well as the development of a local strategy in the field of urban management policies, can be considered.

Through the experience and research, cities in the world have discovered paths to meet the challenges of urban development and the environment, as well as insights on how to achieve sustainable development. Thus, the field of urban management seeks to educate professionals who can provide solutions to the problems of cities today.
 The secretariat of the conference intends to take professors from the reputable universities of Iran and the world and the scientific research institutions, civil engineering, architecture and urban development management in Iran, using the past experiences. The conference seeks to explain its concepts and objectives by bringing together scholars, scholars, academics, policy-makers and managers, relevant organizations and interested individuals, as well as specialists in the field of civil, architectural and urban planning. Suitable for the exchange of information and the presentation of new research findings in the field. This conference is an opportunity for the gathering of experts, experts and thinkers in the field of civil engineering, architecture and urban planning. The conference will provide the opportunity for discussion and scientific communication with the universities and specialized centers of the country and the world in the field of common concepts related to the conferences.
On this basis, we are proud to invite all the experts, experts, students, researchers and scientists from the scientific, research and industrial centers. Participating in the diverse events of this conference, participating in this important international event, and providing the latest scientific and executive achievements, will provide the ground for achieving the above goals.